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The Department’s Manufacturing USA Institutes are emerging as an essential component of a national strategy to build a strong and vibrant domestic industrial base. The Department is particularly proud, as we stood up the first pilot manufacturing innovation institute--in 3D printing--just five years ago, and it is thriving today. That was just the beginning. We have since partnered with industry and academia to establish seven more manufacturing innovation institutes, each creating a much needed ‘industrial commons’ that helps accelerate the delivery of both defense relevant and commercially promising technologies.

Are you and your organization fully leveraging the tremendous opportunities represented by the Department’s eight Manufacturing USA institutes, as well as the other institutes established by our sister agencies? If you aren’t sure, this Engagement Guide highlights the multiple ways in which you can effectively partner with and benefit from these vibrant clusters of manufacturing innovation, accessing modern shared infrastructure, state-of-the-art tools and equipment, and collaborating with others in your field. Manufacturing USA is a place where domestic manufacturers and designers--both large and small--can pool their risk--cost shared by the federal government--to advance manufacturing so the next generation of products and systems are produced here in the USA.

Whether you represent the federal government, industry, academia, or state & local governments, the message to you is simple: get involved! These Public Private Partnerships are defense-relevant, industry-led, critical to our economy, and positioned to deliver value to you, its customers and our nation.

Help Make the U.S. More Competitive

The Department of Defense (DoD) Manufacturing USA institutes collectively represent nearly 1,000 organizations including defense and commercial manufacturers of all sizes, start-ups, universities, community colleges, and state or local economic developers in active partnership with the U.S. Federal Government. Since 2012, the DoD has established eight Manufacturing USA institutes, combining $600 million in federal investment with $1.2 billion in matching funds from industry, academia and state governments to form centers of excellence promoting U.S. competitiveness.

Each institute is its own public-private partnership and innovation ecosystem providing high value access to world class pilot manufacturing facilities that complement member capabilities, yielding a robust and sustainable domestic ‘industrial commons’ in a promising technology area. Also critical to U.S. competitiveness is the availability of a well-trained, qualified workforce with manufacturing skills matched to the nation’s current and emerging production needs. Each institute has developed a set of education and workforce development activities that can be leveraged by all participants.