OSD Manufacturing Technology Program


The OSD Manufacturing Technology (ManTech) program focuses on cross-cutting defense manufacturing needs – those that are beyond the ability of a single service to address – and stimulates the early development of manufacturing processes and enterprise business practices concurrent with S&T development to achieve the largest cost-effective impact and facilitate the developments enabling capabilities to our warfighters.


  • Develop enabling technologies for advanced capabilities that ensure warfighter technical dominance
  • Address cross-cutting, defense-critical manufacturing needs beyond the ability of a single service or agency to address
  • Reduce cost to acquire and maintain critical technologies
  • Enhances manufacturability/producibility of Defense-essential/defense-unique processes or components

Quality DMS&T ManTech Projects:

  • Have sound technical approach.
  • Fit DMS&T scope by:
    • significantly enhancing manufacturability/producibility,
    • being beyond the risk of industry or a single program office, and
    • being defense essential or defense unique
  • Have joint service warfighter impact:
    • with multi-service, multi-system applications, and
    • being significant to warfighting capability/solving a warfighting problem
  • Have quantifiable impact with capability, cost, cycle time, process yield improvement, faster time to implementation, number of systems impacted, positive ROI, or other quantifiable merits
  • Provide key metrics for measuring manufacturing and project success identified
  • Advance Manufacturing Readiness level from MRL3 to MRL7
  • Have clear transition/implementation path to warfighter or to the next funding agent

The DMS&T ManTech program operates on a two-year cycle.  The FY19 project call is linked below.  Focused Investment Areas for the FY19 project call are:

  • Directed Energy
  • Fuze Manufacturing Technology
  • Photonics Manufacturing Technology for next generation sensors
  • High Temp Refractory Composites (hypersonics) Manufacturing Technology
  • Advanced Energetic Materials and Systems Manufacturing Technology
  • Hydrogen Storage Technologies
  • Reactive Materials
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