DoD Manufacturing Technology (ManTech) Program


The DoD Manufacturing Technology (ManTech) Program was originally created in 1956 as a congressional mandate, written into Title 10 of the United States Code. The purpose of the program is to further national security objectives through the development and application of advanced manufacturing technologies and processes that will reduce the acquisition and supportability costs of defense weapon systems and reduce manufacturing and repair cycle times across the life cycles of such systems.

The ManTech Program sits under the Department of Defense’s Undersecretary of Defense for Research and Engineering (USD(R&E)). The Office of Strategic Technology Protection and Exploitation has policy and oversight responsibility to ensure that the linkage between "industrial policy" and "manufacturing" is firmly established and effectively coordinated.

The Army, Navy, Air Force, Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), and Missile Defense Agency (MDA) each have a ManTech investment program. The Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) has two manufacturing technology investment strategies for its Defense-wide Manufacturing Science & Technology program, (DMS&T).  These are the OSD ManTech program and the DoD-led Manufacturing USA institutes. DMS&T was established to address cross-cutting, game-changing initiatives that are beyond the scope of any one Military Department or Defense Agency.

The directors and senior managers of these ManTech programs coordinate through the auspices of the Joint Defense Manufacturing Technology Panel (JDMTP). The JDMTP is chartered to identify and integrate requirements, conduct joint program planning, and develop joint strategies.


In addition to the Defense-wide Manufacturing Science & Technology (DMS&T) Program, the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) has the responsibility for policy development, oversight, and delivery of the DoD ManTech program strategic plan to Congress every four years.

Policy & Oversight

DoDD 4200.15:

The Department of Defense Directive (DoDD 4200.15) provides guidance for the DoD ManTech Program, ensures that the legislative requirements of the program are carried out, and specifies the areas in which the Component ManTech Programs should invest.

In accordance with DoDD 4200.15, ManTech investments shall:

  1. Aid in the economical and timely acquisition and sustainment of weapon systems and components
  2. Ensure that advanced manufacturing processes, techniques, and equipment are available for reducing DoD materiel acquisition, maintenance, and repair costs
  3. Advance the maturity of manufacturing processes to bridge the gap from research and development advances to full-scale production
  4. Promote capital investment and industrial innovation in new plants and equipment by reducing the cost and risk of advancing and applying new and improved manufacturing technology
  5. Ensure that manufacturing technologies used to produce DoD materiel are consistent with safety and environmental considerations and energy conservation objectives
  6. Provide for the dissemination of program results throughout the industrial base
  7. Sustain and enhance the skills and capabilities of the manufacturing workforce and promote high levels of worker education and training
  8. Meet other national defense needs with investments directed toward areas of greatest need and potential benefit

Strategic Plan

While the scope of the ManTech is very broad, its budget is limited. Therefore a disciplined, integrated, and collaborative strategy is necessary to apply those resources in support of the ManTech mission. ManTech has developed a strategy that balances its traditional emphasis on processing and fabrication technology solutions with active support for broader defense manufacturing needs. The DoD Manufacturing Technology Program Strategic Plan, dated 2012, documents the strategy. The ManTech Strategy encompasses four strategic thrusts which support the defense industrial base and the defense manufacturing enterprise.

For a summary of the current Strategic Plan, View the Tri-Fold Summary Brochure. View the full DoD Manufacturing Technology Program Strategic Plan.