The Defense Innovation Initiative

Exploring Ideas to Better Identify the "Art of the Possible" for National Security

The Defense Innovation Initiative (DII) is a Department-wide initiative to pursue innovative ways to sustain and advance the capabilities of the “force of the future.” The U.S. changed the security landscape in the 1970s and 1980s with networked precision strike, stealth and surveillance for conventional forces. Through the DII, the Department will identify a third offset strategy that puts the competitive advantage firmly in the hands of American power projection over the coming decades.

Two key efforts that align with DII are the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) and the Long-Range Research and Development Program Plan.

Defense Innovation Unit(DIU)

The DIUx will position the Department of Defense to be more open to the infusion of non-traditional technical ideas and talent. The initiative is designed to create a hub for increased communication with, knowledge of, and access to innovating, high-tech start-up companies and entrepreneurs and their leading edge technologies. The mission of DIU is to:

  • strengthen existing relationships and build new ones
  • scout for breakthrough and emerging technologies
  • serve as a local point pf presence for the Department

A Silicon-Valley based pilot office was set up in early August, 2015, and a Director and Military Deputy were announced on August 4, 2015.

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Long-Range Research and Development Program Plan (LRRDDP)

The LRRDDP was designed to help the Department better understand and prioritize new or unconventional application of technology in an effort to provide the U.S. with significant military technological advantage into the future. A Request for Information was issued to identify system concepts that will have significant impact in the 2025-2030 timeframe, and to identify the steps the department should be taking today to nurture the technology development required to make those system concepts a reality. A large number of responses were received, and all inputs have been reviewed. Assessment of these inputs is ongoing and feedback is anticipated in the fall of 2015 regarding next steps.

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