Government IR&D Searchers

Learn about and leverage industry's innovative technology projects.

Innovation Pathways website

The Innovation Pathways website serves as a gateway for industry, small businesses, students, universities, and other organizations within the Department itself to discover opportunities with DoD organizations.

Industry IR&D Providers

The Defense Innovation Marketplace provides a centralized resource for the Department’s Acquisition and Science and Technology professionals on information about industry’s Independent research and development activities.

New Business Opportunities

Have a solution to a DoD Technology need? Find links to:

Technology Interchange Meetings

Technology Interchange Meetings (TIMs) allow DoD and industry/academia to cooperate on Research and Engineering technology challenges.

Communities of Interest

The Communities of Interest (CoIs) were established as a mechanism to encourage multi-agency coordination and collaboration in cross-cutting technology focus areas with broad multiple Component investment.


Updates from Across the R&E Enterprise


Research and technology related events at ctoinnovation.