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ATIP: Advanced Technology Investment Plan 2019 - Volume X

In this 10th edition of the PEO LS ATIP, the Top Technical Issues for each PEO LS program are identified. The intent of the ATIP is to inform, influence, and align S&T investments to help resolve these technical issues, transition advanced technology, and deliver capability to the Warfighter. The development of the ATIP is accomplished by utilizing a repeatable, concept aligned, capability-based “Concept to Capability Process” that aligns PEO LS S&T investments with high priority capability gaps and top program technology needs (depicted in figure 2-1).

The key to success in ‘harvesting’ the knowledge contained within the ATIP is stakeholder engagement within the S&T enterprise, industry, and academia. By cultivating an understanding of the ‘realm of the possible,’ the concepts and requirements developers are able to articulate requirements that become the backbone of program capabilities. These capabilities, clearly and accurately communicated to the materiel developer support the development (and ultimate transition) of critical and affordable capabilities to the Warfighter.