Energy and Power (E&P) Technologies

Communities of Interest

The E&P Technologies CoI purpose is to provide technologies to enable intelligent power & energy management to enhance operational effectiveness.

  • Electromechanical Conversion: Increase the power density, efficiency, and robustness of motors, generators, and actuators while also reducing their life cycle costs.
  • Energy Storage: Improve electrical and electrochemical energy storage devices to decrease device size, weight, and cost as well as increase their capabilities in extreme temperatures and operating conditions.
  • Power Control and Distribution: Develop tactical, deployable power systems using conventional fuels, alternative fuels, and energy harvested from renewable/ambient sources.
  • Power Generation/Energy Conversion: Enable smart energy networks for platforms, forward operating bases, and facilities using modeling and simulation tools as well as new, greater capability and efficiency components.
  • Thermal Transport and Control: Efficiently manage heat and enable higher power density systems through advanced thermal science and technology: advanced components, system modeling, and adaptive or hybrid-cycle technologies.

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