Command, Control, Communications, Computers & Intelligence

Communities of Interest

The C4I CoIs will coordinate the DoD C4I S&T portfolio investment and review DoD organizations' strategic plans to support C4I related S&T investments in the context of overall DoD strategic priorities and goals. The C4I CoIs will establish priorities and guidance, monitor current and planned investments in S&T including but not limited to Networks, Command & Control (C2), and Data to Decision efforts. The CoIs will identify gaps, establish and maintain a set of S&T roadmaps to guide DoD research program investments, perform portfolio assessments, and provide future resource recommendations to leadership. The C4I CoIs will also establish mechanisms to encourage coordination between researchers to facilitate information exchange, and promote collaboration.

  • Advanced Computing/Software Development: The study, design and development of software, hardware and systems engineering of C4I relevant computing and software resources.
  • Human Computer Interfaces (HCI) for Decision Making: Studying and improving human computer interfaces, digital information presentation and collaboration between Commanders, intelligence analysts and their decision and intelligence tools.
  • Information Collection/Management: Employing information systems to collect, process, store, display, disseminate and protect data, information and knowledge products in support of decision-making.
  • Synthesis/Analytics/Decision Tools: The assessment, reasoning, fusion, and analysis of data as well as the development of planning tools and decision aids for the Commander and intelligence analysts.
  • Networks and Communications: The study, design and development of advanced robust and resilient networks and communications (hardware/ software) systems and technologies.