Electronic Warfare (EW)

Communities of Interest

The mission of the Electronic Warfare (EW) CoIs is to develop a cross-cutting S&T investment strategy with resulting leap-ahead capabilities involving the use of Electro-Magnetic (EM) and directed energy to control the EM Spectrum or to attack the enemy while protecting our own EM systems against interference.

  • Cognitive/Adaptive Capabilities: Effectively outpace adversary decision and technical options.
  • Distributed/Coordinated/Net-Enabled Systems: Spatially and temporally diverse awareness, action and response.
  • Preemptive/Proactive Effects: Prevent or disrupt the adversary‚Äôs ability to engage our forces.
  • Broadband/Multispectral Components and Systems: EO/IR/RF receivers and transmitters with wideband and extended spectral coverage.
  • Modular/Open/Reconfigurable Architectures: Software defined; unrestricted waveforms; standard interfaces.
  • Advanced Electronic Protection Techniques and Technology: Allow unfettered ops in the dense EM spectrum environment.