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AgencyTitleResponse Date
NavyJSF Aircraft survivability analysis2018-09-11
NavyBiofire FilmArray 2.02018-09-11
NavySole Source Request For Quote for a Customized Sleep Screening Program2018-09-11
NASAWire Bonding2018-09-14
Air ForceMulti-Domain Aerial Warfighting Network Capabilities2018-09-15
NASARelease of the 2018 Heliophysics Science Mission of Opportunity Program Element Appendix (PEA) M to the Third Stand Alone Missions of Opportunity Notice (SALMON-3) For proposal bids2018-09-17
DARPADefense Advanced Research Projects Agency logo Resilient Anonymous Communication for Everyone (RACE)2018-09-18
NavySole Source Request For Quote Sleep Training Module2018-09-18
ArmySequencing Master BPA2018-09-21
NavyBroad Agency Announcement: Naval Application of Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence2018-09-24
NavyEnterprise Personnel Systems Engineering2018-09-24
DARPAShort-Range Independent Microrobotic Platforms (SHRIMP)2018-09-26
DARPAAtomic-Photonic Integration2018-09-27
ArmyOptical Transceiver Demonstration Systems2018-09-28
Air ForceMulti-Source Information Extraction & Network Analysis2018-09-28
Air ForceAdvanced Cyber, SIGNIT and Personal Comms Collection and Exploitation2018-09-28
DARPAAdapting Cross-Domain Kill-webs (ACK)2018-09-28
ArmyHigh Speed Systems Test BAA2018-09-30
ArmyResearch and Development Capabilities 2018-09-30
ArmyNet-Centric Systems Test BAA2018-09-30
ArmySpectrum Efficient Technology BAA2018-09-30
DARPALearning with Less Labels (LwLL)2018-10-02
NavyBattle Management Algorithm/Software 2018-10-10
NASANASA Announcement of New Program Element Appendix added to Third Stand Alone Missions of Opportunity Notice (SALMON-3) entitled: Appendix K: Earth Venture Instrument (EVI)-52018-10-10
NavyCommercial Solutions Opening (CSO): Fight the Naval Force Forward - Information Warfare Prototyping and Experimentation Campaign2018-10-12
DARPASafe Documents (SafeDocs)2018-10-19
Air ForceHuman Performance Sensing2018-10-29
Air ForceAFRL/RXC Structural Materials Open/Open BAA Program2018-11-04
NavySBIR Phase III Technology Infusion Methodology for COTS Based Systems 2018-11-08
NavyHypergolic Testing- Phase II 2018-11-10
DARPAYoung Faculty Award2018-11-13
NavyEnergy Conservation Applications for the US Navy2018-11-30
DARPASystematizing Confidence in Open Research and Evidence 2018-12-12
NavyBAA for Research Interests in Advanced Undersea Technologies in the areas of Submarine and Surface Ship Sensors and Signal Processing2018-12-27
Army2018 ERDC Broad Agency Announcement2019-01-31
DARPAProgram Announcement for Disruptioneering (Defense Sciences Office) 2019-02-20
Air ForceAFRL/RXM Manufacturing Technology Open BAA2019-06-24
DARPAProgram Announcement for Artificial Intelligence Exploration2019-07-20
ArmyCommunications-Electronics Research Development and Engineering Command Intelligence and Information Warfare Directorate Broad Agency Announcement (BAA)2019-08-25
DARPAPolyplexus Pilot 22019-09-03
Air ForceRadio Frequency Comm Systems RDT&E2019-09-27
Air ForceBAA Enterprise Services Development and Component Maximization 2019-09-30
Air ForceDistributed Operations2019-09-30
Air ForceBAA Quantum Computing Sciences2019-09-30
Air ForceBAA Information Sharing Enterprise Implementation and Application (ISEIA)2019-09-30
Air ForceEmerging Computing Architectures and Applications2019-09-30
Air ForceDeep Learning for Actionable Intelligence Discovery and Exploitation2019-09-30
Air ForceGlobal Operational Tactical Information Technology 2019-09-30
Air ForceObject Based Production & Activities Based Intelligence Technology BAA2019-09-30
Air ForceResearch and Development for Electro-Optical and RadioFrequency Sensor (RADERS)2019-10-30
Air ForceSpeech and Audio Data Technologies (SADT)2019-12-31
Air ForceMeasurement and Signatures Intelligence Exploitation (MASINT-X)2020-07-06
Air ForceStudy of Emerging Exploitation Developments2020-08-26
Air ForceCapabilities for Cyber Mission Assurance2020-09-30
Air ForceAdvanced Research and Development of Mission-Focused Analytics for a Decision Advantage (ARMADA)2020-09-30
Air ForceHigh Speed Strike Weapon BAA2020-09-30
Air ForceCapabilities for Cyber Resiliency 2020-09-30
Air ForceAssured and Trusted Microelectronics Solutions 2022-11-16
Air ForceSpectrum Warfare Enduring Challenges (SWEC)2021-02-28
ArmyBAA for Medical Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Medical Countermeasures Efforts Under Procurement Contracts, Grants, Cooperative Agreements, And Prototypes Under other Transactions Agreements 2021-06-01
ArmyBroad Other Transaction Authority Announcement for NSRDEC 2021-07-12
ArmyMedical Education Pharmacokinetic / Pharmacodynamics (Pharmacological Agent) Tool Kit/Model (MedEd PK/PD)2021-07-26
ArmyScience, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Development 2021-08-11
Air ForceLaser Sources Research and Development2021-09-14
Air ForceBeam Control Research and Development2021-09-14
Air ForceArmament Technology Broad Agency Announcement Request for White Papers for Patient Loading System2022-03-11
ArmyResearch Office Broad Agency Announcement for Basic and Applied Scientific Research 2022-03-31
Air ForceBAA for the Maturation of Critical Technologies for Space Battle Management Command and Control (BMC2)2022-05-20
Air ForceDefense Experimentation Using the Commercial Space Internet2022-11-01
ArmyBroad Agency Announcement for the Army Rapid Capabilities Office2023-03-23
Air ForceOpen Proposal Research Announcement for HPEM - Applications2023-04-27
ArmyBroad Agency Announcement S&TCD 20182023-06-19
NavyThis is a Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) for Modeling and Simulation Research for the Defense Modeling and Simulation Coordination Office (DMSCO)2023-07-03
Air ForceScience and Technology for Autonomous Teammates (STAT)2023-07-07
Air ForceEnabling Technologies for High-speed Operable Systems (ETHOS)2024-01-18
ArmyEngineer Research and Development Center Other Transaction for Prototype Agreement 2018-09-20
NASAUse of the NASA Physical Sciences Informatics System - Appendix E2018-12-14
NavyFY19 Living Marine Resources Program Environmental Need Topics2018-10-22
NavyNRL Long Range Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) for Basic and Applied Research2019-05-09
NavyStatistical and Analytical Support for the project: Analysis of the role of service-specific risk factors in military suicides and mental health illnesses2018-09-20
NavyInformation Warfare Research Project Prototype Projects2018-10-10
NavyB & C QRIP 3 Integration2018-10-17
DARPAInformation Innovation Office (I2O) Office-wide2019-08-30
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