Rapid Innovation Fund

**Updated June 2023**

The Rapid Innovation Fund provides a collaborative vehicle for small businesses to provide the department with innovative technologies that can be rapidly inserted into acquisition programs that meet specific defense needs. RIF is administered by the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment (USD(A&S)) Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP).

FY2019 Rapid Innovation Fund

RIF Awards/Project Descriptions

2021 POST Conference: RIF Overview (Download PDF)

Key Points of Contact

Farooq Mitha USD(A&S), OSBP Director farooq.a.mitha.civ@mail.mil N/A
David Busigo USD(A&S), RIF Director david.busigo.civ@mail.mil N/A
Benjamin Phillips Department of the Air Force, RIF PM benjamin.phillips.5@us.af.mil 312-986-6164
Tim Spicer Department of the Air Force, Legacy RIF PM timothy.spicer@us.af.mil N/A
Matthew Willis Department of the Army, RIF Lead matthew.p.willis.civ@mail.mil 703-697-0682
Nick Wallace Department of the Army, RIF Support nicholas.s.wallace8.ctr@mail.mil 703-697-0721
Scott Bartlett Department of the Navy, RIF Lead scott.w.bartlett4.civ@us.navy.mil 703-696-0340
Calvin Reddick Department of the Navy, RIF Support calvin.reddick.ctr@us.navy.mil 856-905-1936


Dates Event
14 Jan 2019 FY19 BAA Released
25 Feb 2019 Start of White Paper submissions to RIF Portal
8 Mar 2019 FY19 BAA Closes
Mar-May 2019 White Paper Reviews
Feb-June 2019 FY18 RIF Contract Awards
May-Jun 2019 Notification of FY19 White Paper Status
Jun 2019 Invitations for FY19 Full Proposals
*Actual dates may vary