2019 Air Force C3 and NC3

Independent Research & Development (IR&D)
Technology Interchange Meetings (TIMs)
7-11 October 2019

Save the Date! Don’t miss the opportunity to meet with Air Force’s team of C3 and NC3 Experts in October 2019!

During the week of 7-11 October 2019, the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), in conjunction with Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) and Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center (AFNWC) contingents at Hanscom AFB MA, responsible for many of the Air Force’s Command, Control, Communications, and Networking (C3I&N), Battle Management, and Nuclear Command, Control and Communications (NC3) program acquisition, sustainment and R&D activities, is hosting week-long Independent Research and Development (IR&D) Technical Interchange Meetings at the Hanscom Conference Center. The focus of this event is Command and Control (C2) including Multi-Domain C2 (MDC2), Communications and related information assurance and cyber resiliency R&D, to include both conventional and NC3 domains. This invitation is open to all industry IR&D participants, including large, medium-sized and small businesses, as well as academia, National Labs and FFRDCs. Briefings and demonstrations of C3, MDC2, and associated information assurance and cyber resiliency R&D efforts are solicited at both unclassified and classified levels.

This engagement has broad goals to increase government awareness, stimulate collaboration and partnering with industry, and to inform and seek alignment between industry’s IR&D innovation portfolios and the AF’s high-priority science and technology (S&T) needs, and corresponding acquisition & sustainment roadmaps.

Along with leading senior subject matter experts (SMEs) from AFRL, AFLCMC and AFNWC, we anticipate C3 & NC3 experts from Air Combat Command, AF Space Command, Air Mobility Command, AF Global Strike Command and HAF/A5 (Air Force Warfighter Integration Capability – AFWIC), Space and Missiles Systems Center to participate. We also expect Missile Defense Agency, Defense Threat Reduction Agency and other relevant units to play an active role in this event.

This team of C3 & NC3 and cyber professionals are in the process of finalizing the relevant topics based on priority S&T need demand signals from the Program Executive Offices (PEOs) for C3I&N, Digital and NC3. Significant emphasis will be placed on the following focus areas within the C2, Comms & NC3 constructs.

There may be changes to the details of these technical bins:
1. Multi Domain Command & Control (MDC2)
2. Communications (Specific Areas TBD, such as Resilient, Secure and Distributed Comms, Open Comm Systems, Synchronizing Mission Content and Comms with Disadvantaged Users and Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning)
3. Nuclear Command, Control & Communications (NC3)

Reminder: This is not the complete list of focus areas, so please stay tuned to this page’s electronic library for updates. The timing of this initial posting is to inform you of the event, and to save the date.


Sharing your C3and NC3 projects

All nominated projects shall reside in the secure IR&D database. Each IR&D topic summary submitted into the IR&D database will generate an eight-digit (Example: 19001111) Record Number as a unique identifier. The nomination process will be complete once an email with the Record Number(s) of your submission(s) is submitted to dtic.belvoir.ecm.list.C4ISR@mail.mil using the excel spreadsheet you received when expressing interest in this event. If you do not receive confirmation your submission was received within one week, please resend original email.

If the IR&D data being nominated is not in the IR&D database, do not worry. You can do that by using the button called "Submit your IR&D abstracts here" on the right-hand-column of this webpage. Follow the input format to submit your project nominations. To obtain access to the IR&D database, please visit industry web page. If this is your first time responding to an announcement, obtaining the required access and submitting your projects to the IR&D database may take one to two weeks.

If the IR&D data being nominated is already in the database, you will not need to re-enter this data. Simply email the excel spreadsheet containing a list of the Record Number(s) (total limit of 30 with no more than 10 in any one mission set) to the same dtic.belvoir.ecm.list.C4ISR@mail.mil email address by 26 June 2019. Submission of these records does not guarantee participation in the event. Nominations received after the closing date and/or not initially submitted to the IR&D database will NOT be accepted.

Electronic Library relevant to this Event

Relevant documents to industry, related to critical capability investments and other key data, will be added to this page. Stay tuned to this website.

C2 Read Aheads

The Mitchell Institute

 Air & Space Power Journal

Joint Force Quarterly

Air Force

Planning Schedule

For your situational awareness, below is a schedule of key dates and activities for planning purposes and are subject to change.

Date of FBO and Marketplace Announcement Posting Window opens for IR&D project nominations by industry
26 Jun 2019 Window closes for IR&D abstract nominations by industry
14 Aug 2019 Send industry invitations to present at C3 & NC3 IR&D TIMs
09 Sep 2019 Industry provides read-ahead briefings
7-11 Oct 2019 Execute C3 & NC3 IR&D TIMs event

The data presented on this webpage is also included in the Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) announcement. Only one announcement is anticipated for this event in the FBO site. Any further detail adjustments and updates will only be posted on this webpage