Air Platforms Community of Interest (CoIs)

Independent Research & Development (IR&D) Technology Interchange (October 2016)

The Air Platforms (AP) CoIs leadership intends to sponsor its 2016 Air Platforms CoIs IR&D Technology Interchange Meeting (TIM) on or about 17-21 October 2016, with the venue likely to be at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, OH. Please mark your calendars for this highly anticipated event. This announcement is extended to all industry-companies large and small-and academia with IR&D portfolios and corporate investments in Air Platforms science and technology (S&T).

This initiative is led by AP CoIs Senior Steering Group and supported by subject matter experts (SMEs) from the Air Force, Army, and Navy research laboratories, acquisition and life cycle communities, and defense agencies (e.g., Service Program Executive Offices and System Program Offices, (ASD)R&E, DARPA, DTRA), and other national agencies (e.g., NASA). This AP CoIs IR&D engagement has broad goals to increase awareness, stimulate collaboration, and seek alignment between industry's IR&D innovation portfolios and DoD's high priority technology needs, mission activity areas, and acquisition and S&T roadmaps.

The AP CoIs S&T taxonomy includes the following areas of significant interest:

  • Aircraft Propulsion, Power and Thermal
  • Fixed Wing Vehicles
  • High-Speed/Hypersonics
  • Rotary Wing Vehicles

We have also included an AP CoIs poster that gives general insight into the CoIs activities.


The government is not obligated to enter into a contract with industry as a result of IR&D collaborations from our dialogue. Data exchanges as a result of these dialogue activities follow No Foreign Nationals (NOFORN) and International Traffic Arms Regulations (ITAR) restrictions. Some general and limited data will be made available through this webpage. Some information we intend to share regarding this event may be classified or unclassified, and can only be released as Distribution C, D, or F material. Again, Please recognize dates and locations listed are subject to change. Refer other requests for these documents and data using the email

Please note the event's official FedBizOpps announcement can be found here. All subsequent updates will be posted only to the Defense Innovation Marketplace website. Additional details for the Air Platforms CoIs can be found by linking to the Air Platforms Communities of Interest (CoIs) webpage. Thank you. We look forward to these government-industry technology engagements.

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