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Independent Research and Development (IR&D) Technology Interchange (March 2017)

Mark Your Calendars! The M&MP COI invites you to participate in the 2017 M&MP COI IR&D Technology Interchange Meeting (TIM) the week of 6 March 2017 at UES Incorporated, 4401 Dayton-Xenia Road, Dayton, OH 45432.

This event is led by the M&MP cross Department of Defense (DoD) technology team composed of technical subject matter experts (SMEs) in the materials and manufacturing processes community. This announcement is extended to all industry—companies large and small—and academia with IR&D portfolios and corporate investments in M&MP science and technology (S&T).

The purpose of the M&MP COI is to provide National leadership in developing technology-based options for advanced materials and processes for the Department of Defense (DoD). The COI delivers technology products as well as the scientific and engineering expertise needed to maintain and enhance U.S. Defense capability. Due to the pervasive nature of the COI and the need to constrain the topics, we have chosen a few specific topics in four of the eight Technical Area Teams (TATs).

The M&MP COI invites IR&D projects in the following areas:

TAT 1.0 - M&MP for Structures & Protection

  • Development of Feedstocks for Additive Manufacturing

TAT 4.0 - M&MP for Power & Energy

  • Battery Material Development Efforts

TAT 5.0 - M&MP for Readiness

  • Non-Destructive Evaluation/Investigation (NDE/I) in propulsion and aircraft structures (metallic, polymer matrix composites, and ceramic matrix composites)
  • Repair technologies for propulsion and aircraft structures (metallic, polymer matrix composites, and ceramic matrix composites)
  • In-situ sensors for Systems Health Management of engines, structures, transmissions, drive train, electrical, in aircraft, ships and submarines

TAT 6.0 - M&MP for the Individual Warfighter

  • Wearable sensors and electronics for Warfighter applications
  • Lightweight/wearable Power and Energy for personal devices
  • Efficient wearable power scavenging systems
  • Lightweight, efficient and cost effective personal cooling devices
  • Robust ballistic/agile laser eye protection
  • Manufacturing technologies for individually customized/small lot production of Warfighter equipment.
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