2019 SIM, Air Force SDPE

Strategy Interchange Meeting, Air Force Strategic Development- Planning & Experimentation

February 19-22 2019 / This Is A Classified Event

Please Mark Your Calendars! The Air Force intends to sponsor the Strategic Development Planning & Experimentation (SDPE) Strategy Interchange. This four-day event will take place during the week of 19-22 February 2019. The venue will be at the General Jacob E. Smart Conference Center, Joint Base Andrews, MD.

In May 2016, Air Force stood up the SDPE office, as a key component focused on future Air Force multi-domain capabilities. In its deliberate planning, the SDPE leadership continues to be deeply engaged in a campaign across DoD and Industry. This strategy-focused dialogue planned for next February (2019) follows SDPE’s presentations at DaytonDefense’s Wright Dialogue with Industry in July 2018 in Dayton, Ohio, and the AF Life Cycle Management Center’s Industry Days in September 2018. This event in February 2019 is intended to inform industry of the Air Force strategic direction, priorities, and challenges in many technical areas relevant to current and future Air Force Capabilities, technology roadmaps, and future acquisition funding streams.

The data presented on this webpage is also included in the Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) announcement. Only one announcement is anticipated for this event in the FBO site. Any further detail adjustments and updates will only be posted on this webpage.

Session Overview

The February event will be structured to provide Industry with additional information about on-going Capability Development Activities and SDPE Experimentation Campaigns as well as proposed experimentation pathfinders and watch-list efforts. Emphasis during these discussions will be placed on pathfinders and watch list activities due to their significant potential to be impacted through industry engagement. The pathfinders are efforts that are already receiving experimentation funding to develop fully refined experimentation campaigns, while watch-list efforts are strategic areas of interest receiving development planning resources to determine appropriate way forward. Specifically, this engagement offers the opportunity to discuss with Industry opportunities for future restructured Industry-Government partnerships, processes, and relationships in support of both Industry and Government needs. The structure will likely include individual Face-to-Face Sessions, a series of briefings, and panel discussions during the event on specific topic areas.


This event is open to U.S. Defense companies only. In order to attend, you must be either a DoD employee or DoD contractor with a valid DD form 2345, Military Critical Technical Data Agreement.

Strategy Interchange Meeting's

19-22 February 2019
Joint Base Andrews, MD

This four-day event will take place at the
General Jacob E. Smart Conference Center,
Joint Base Andrews, MD.
***This is a Classified Event***

Topic Areas

The Strategy Interchange Meeting is anticipated to include the following topic areas of significant interest, which will provide a mix of status updates, out briefs, dialogues with industry on the following topics. The specific topics are subject to change, depending on the availability of relevant data for each respective domain.

Enterprise Capability Collaboration Teams & Design Teams and/or Air Force Weapons Integration Capabilities Updates

Face to Face Sessions

Companies will be encouraged to sign up for face-to-face interactions with teams of Government Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) on specific areas of interest after hearing the challenges and interest areas of the Government. The intent of these Face-to-Face sessions are to allow industry with the opportunity to speak directly with the Government SMEs at a Collateral Secret Level about the Government’s areas of interest. Topic areas for these Face-to-Face sessions will focus on, but will not be limited to:

Pathfinder Activities Watch List Items*
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Position Navigation and Timing (PNT)
  • Personnel Recovery
  • Adaptive Basing
  • Communications – (AFWIC C4I Design Team)
  • Counter-Directed Energy Weapons (DEW)
  • Light ISR/Attack
  • EW/EMS Experimentation

We anticipate onsite registration for these private Q&A meeting with Air Force SMEs will be available during the morning of Day One. The duration of these meetings will likely be approximately 45 minutes each, and the sign-up will be first-come first- serve, until all of the blocks are booked. While Face-to-Face Sessions will not be scheduled until the event, if your company is interested in participating in a Face-to-Face, please identify the top 2 topics listed above which you are most interested in. This will allow the government the ability to schedule SME teams and reallocate the total number of Face-to-Face sessions to make these sessions most beneficial to both Industry and Government. Please include this information when sending your notification of interest.

Who Should Attend

This event will include discussion on the strategic direction of the Air Force, and both the technical and non-technical challenges facing the Air Force today which could result in impact to Air Force future investments, Industry Corporate Investment Strategies, IR&D Technology Roadmaps, and new or revised approaches to collaborating and partnering with industry. For this reason, it is highly encouraged that Industry participants be innovative, strategic thinkers or senior planners who have wide insight into their corporate technology portfolios and processes and who are familiar with both long-term and short term strategic planning.

**Please note, it is possible that the event may limit industry teams to two participants per company. Final determination is dependent on Industry response and venue capacity.

Additional Information

Please note the event's FedBizOpps announcement has been posted. All subsequent updates will only be posted to this Defense Innovation Marketplace website. Moreover and relevant to this endeavor, the SDPE team will include key documents deemed to be of significant importance to the dialogue with industry. Government data distribution statements may vary; some documents may be limited to U.S. Government Agencies and/or Department of Defense (DoD) employees/contractors. If a firm does not fall within one of these categories, partnering with defense-experienced companies is strongly suggested.