2018 Weapons Technologies Community of Interest (COI)

Industry Independent Research and Development (IR&D) Technology Interchange Meetings (TIMs)

Addendum # 4, 9 November 2017 – One change is noted for Industry – (1) Extension of the closeout date for IR&D topic and corporate investments relevant to the Weapons COI  taxonomy – namely, PropulsionHigh Energy Lasers,Radio Frequency Weapons, and Non-Lethal Weapons.  These four major subareas are the focus of our second event on 23-27 April 2018 at the Phillips Conference Center, Kirtland AFB NM.  The submission date closeout for the four subareas listed above is extended to close of business Wednesday, 23 January 2018

Addendum # 3, 5 Oct 2017 – Two changes are noted for Industry – (1) Submission closeout date has been extended to close of business on Friday, 27 October 2017, (2) SOCOM’s interest in Small Weapons Ammunition Guidance Systems (SWAGS) has been added to the table below.

Addendum # 2, 20 Sep 2017 –  All nominated IR&D abstracts must be in the Defense Innovation Marketplace IR&D Database, and submissions received using the Excel spreadsheet, via our team email address, dtic.belvoir.ecm.list.weapons-marketplace@mail.mil, not later than 30 September 2017.

Addendum # 1, 5 Sep 2017 -- In addition to the Weapons Technology COI taxonomy, the senior representatives from the US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), that are augmenting the COI team of weapons experts, have an added subarea for IR&D topic submissions – namely, Small Weapons Ammunition Guidance Systems (SWAGS). We are very interested in any relevant work you have in this SWAGS area, please include this in your submissions.

SWAGS topics selected will be included in the development of the first event’s agenda that occurs in January 2018. Please note this is an addition to the subareas already shown for Event # 1.

Mark your calendars for an opportunity to meet with DOD’s top experts in Weapons Science & Technology (S&T) in early 2018! The Chair of the Defense Department’s COI for Weapons Technologies intends to have S&T engagements with Industry in a two-part event in early 2018! The details of the Weapons Tech COI IR&D TIMs’ two events are in work and more details will be provided in subsequent updates to this webpage, but here’s the events’ basic data!

This webpage provides an overview of what the Weapons Technologies COI is interested in engaging with industry regarding Weapons Science and Technology (S&T). Please note the data presented on this webpage is linked to the announcement made in the Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) announcement for the same two-part event. There will only be one announcement in the FBO site. Details and updates will only be posted on this webpage.

The Weapons COI IR&D TIM two-part event details are outlined in the table below: The eight COI subareas are divided and will be covered on the date and location specified. The rationale is that splitting into two locations is better suited to where the preponderance of subject matter experts (SMEs) are in each area. For definitions and the scope of these sub-areas, please see the document library.

Weapons Technologies COI Taxonomy

Event Date

Event Venue

Event One Subareas

  • Guidance, Navigation & Control (GNC) & Datalinks
  • Ordnance
  • Integrated Weapon Demonstrators (IWD)
  • Undersea Weapons
  • Small Weapons Ammunition Guidance Systems (SWAGS)
22-26 Jan 2018 Institute for Defense Analyses,
4850 Mark Center Drive
Alexandria, VA

Event Two Subareas

  • Propulsion
  • High Energy Lasers (HEL)
  • Radio Frequency Weapons (RFW)
  • Non-Lethal Weapons (NLW)
23-27 Apr 2018 Phillips Conf Ctr
Building 201
Kirtland AFB NM

The Weapons COI Chair is expected to have Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from the services and other DoD Components including ASDR&E, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, and the Missile Defense Agency, will come together to enrich the technology dialogue with Industry.

As you do your due diligence on your interest in this DoD-Industry technology engagement, we are sure you will have questions about the technical intent of documents, and data shared, and processes to be used in the planning and execution of these events. Your inquiries can be addressed to the DoD planning team at dtic.belvoir.ecm.list.weapons-marketplace@mail.mil. Our team of experts will provide you timely responses.

Some of the many unique features of our DoD/Industry technology exchange model include opportunities for Industry to describe their IR&D effort, enabling the government SME team to caucus on salient points of significant interest, and providing time for giving real-time feedback to the company. This feedback is deliberate in addressing possible ways in furthering potential R&D partnering, using tools such as Cooperative R&D Agreements (CRADAs)), informing of relevant site visits/demos, referrals to other relevant DoD (DARPA, DTRA, etc.) and governmental agencies (NASA, etc.). These activities are ongoing and tend to prove to be beneficial to both Government and Industry.

Schedule Overview

The notional schedule below is for planning purposes and subject to change. Any subsequent revisions will be posted to this page. This schedule applies to the conduct of the 2nd event in April 2018 only.

  • 9 November 2017 – Window re-opens for submissions of Industry IR&D reports to the Marketplace IR&D database for the four major subareas planned for the 2nd event 23-27 April 2018 only!  Forward IR&D report number list to weapons@defenseinnovationmarketplace.mil
  • 23 January 2018 – Close submission window for receipt of Industry’s projects for the second event only
  • 23 February 2018  – Selected firms receive invitation to participate in the face-to-face event in April 2018
  • 23 March 2018 – Selected Industry attendees provide read-ahead briefs
  • 23-27 April 2018 -- the Weapons Technologies COI IR&D TIMs (Part 2) is conducted at the Phillips Conference Center, Kirtland AFB NM

If you are interested in participating…

Please don’t wait… send your expression of interest to participate in this event to our team email address,dtic.belvoir.ecm.list.weapons-marketplace@mail.mil. If in one week you don’t hear back from the IR&D planning team, please resend your original e-mail. When we receive your expression of interest, via email, we will forward you an Excel spreadsheet and other information on how to nominate your IR&D abstracts.

All nominated IR&D abstracts must be in the Defense Innovation Marketplace IR&D Database, and submissions received using the Excel spreadsheet, via our team email address, dtic.belvoir.ecm.list.weapons-marketplace@mail.mil, not later than 30 September 2017. **Please note if this is your first time responding to an announcement, keep in mind that obtaining the required access to the IR&D database may take one week. To obtain access to the IR&D database, please visit Industry portal.

Document Library

Our Weapons COI has put together strategic and informative documents that are accessible through a library built for this engagement on the marketplace.

Highly recommend reviewing these documents posted in the Document Library in your due diligence and determination to submit IR&D topics. Please check back to this webpage for updates.


The government is not obligated to enter into a contract with Industry as results of IR&D collaborations from our dialogue. Data exchanges as a result of these dialogue activities follow No Foreign Nationals (NOFORN) and International Traffic Arms Regulations (ITAR) restrictions. Some information we intend to share may be classified or unclassified and can only be released as Distribution C, D, or F material. Please recognize dates and locations listed are subject to change. Refer other requests for these documents and data using the email DTIC Weapons List.

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